Dalton Craven

Student & web developer

Hi! My name is Dalton Craven & I’m a freshman at the University of South Carolina.

Freshman year of high school, I decided to take an introduction to programming class. The class sparked my passion — I immediately got involved in coding. I joined Mason Hack Club (not knowing much about website development), then became the webmaster and finance director.

Along with that, I have become increasingly involved with the Integrated Media/Advanced Production Lab at my high school, which centers around a freeform media production “agency.” Freshman year, I took on the role of managing the school website’s content. I then began to do more maintenance, until I eventually ended up managing all aspects of the high school websites, including masoncomets.org, gomasoncomets.com, masondrama.com, and various other sites. We have an estimated reach of 1,000,000 views per year. I recently transferred all of our website data over to a completely new server — with no downtime. I’m additionally leading a team that to create a brand-new, modern website that will be the face of Mason High School for years to come.

I’ve also tried to get some real-world experience. Last summer, I also held an internship with Abre.io, Inc. Abre is an online educational platform: it provides a way for schools to manage classes, grades, and more, all in one dashboard. As an intern, I developed an Abre app that would let students and advisors manage clubs through Abre. The summer before, I interned with Various Views Research. I worked with a team to update and modernize their website. I also interned with the City of Mason's IT department, working on their governmental intranet site.

Additionally, I love to read. I voluntered at the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County weekly (with over 280 hours logged!), assisting patrons with their various questions about library technology, finding books, or just general knowledge. I worked at Kings Island from 2016 to 2019 as a food and beverage associate, then as a food and beverage supervisor. Finally, I love maintaining my 1963 Mercury Comet.

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